Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Noise Update

There has been recent activity regarding that annoying noise in my car.

Shortly after creating this blog, I called Click and Clack (PRI) in hopes that I could gain my deserved and as of yet unfulfilled fifteen minutes of fame. I left a message and gave them the URL to this blog. Alas, two weeks have passed and no call back.

So on to the update.

First, thanks to all you grease monkeys who took time to respond to my lame blog (or as I call it, la-blog) and attempted to diagnose my problem. I got quite a few emails as well. Some responses were serious, most were not. All responses were and are greatly appreciated by yours truly. The most accurate diagnosis was, "it's your heater blower motor. The bearings are worn out. Replace it," given by father, father in law and other "car" people.

The lovely and talented Aaron "Crash" Cassell sent me a link to a site that listed the steps to replacing blower motors in Volvos of my age and class.

So one unrainy day, I took the old motor out, drove to Shucks Auto Parts and swapped it for a new one for $50. Took it home and an hour later I had a quite car.

Thanks for your help everybody. And feel free to let me know of your own car noises. Together we can make a differential.


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